Daydreams in Dresden


The Elbe flows quickly through the historic city of Muhlberg. We follow slowly hugging the cycle path, sheltered by the corn fields from the icy biting rain.
In a landscape of exquisite beauty peppered with fairytale palaces, imposing chateaus and stately mansions, we stop to explore the decrepit Promnitz Sloss (Castle).
The impeccably mannered Mr Wolf-Nicol von Wolffersdorff leaves me spellbound taking us on a personal guided tour of the crumbling pile. Mr Wolf-Nicol claims to be a direct descendant of good King Gustav who built the sloss in 1603. I liked the restored 1950’s room which is furnished in items only manufactured in the former East Germany (GDR). Wolfs concession, I believe, to local authorities.
Personally Wolf would like to see the aristocracy re-established along with the annexation of Poland, to create a Greater Germany. Sound familiar?
The cobblestoned, tourist infested, Dresden market square is ringed with classical baroque architecture. At its centre the Lutheran Fravenkirche (Church) receives the loving attention of the faithful artisans who are restoring the edifice to its former glory. It was a different story on the 13th of February 1945 when the Church along with Dresden reaped the whirlwind of war.
However irrational, in my minds eye, I kept looking for places to hide: That alcove across the square or perhaps that tunnel which runs down to the Elbe itself?
We cycle the broad river flats through Saxony Switzerland.
At Konigstein, we met Jochen, who told us he is cycling around Germany with only one leg.
“I want to give inspiration to one legged cyclists everywhere!”



Sloss Promnitz



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  1. Hi David , Thanks for your generous comments , Germany is a beautiful country , one of my favourites , I’ve been lucky enough to cycle the length of the Rhine , the Danube and the Elbe enjoying the hospitality and yes the good humour of many German people . I was actually in Munich at the beginning of Octoberfeast , all that Leidenhosen & Drindls , pitty I don’t drink .
    Presently we are cycling in Italy working our way south , I expect to be back in the land of OZ in a month or so , would love to catch up over a cup of tea and hear all about your latest fishing adventures , renovations and family life , my love & best wishes to former comrades . Peace & Bike Grease my friend

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  2. Ahhhh, Nickolai – you’re in my hood ! 🙂 It doesn’t get much better than Saxon Switzerland and the Elbe. In 2010 I completed the Oberelbe marathon – from Festung Konigstein, along the Elbe, to Dresden. Beautiful part of the world !
    Enjoy reading all of your riding adventures. See you in the soup. Dave

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