Port Wakefield to Adelaide 100 kms

  • Port Wakefield to Adelaide 100 kms
  • Perth to Adelaide via the South West Coast 2,800 kms
  • Melbourne to MacKay 2,400 kms

1Sunday in the city of churches. I like Adelaide, it’s relaxed and accessible. I have been here a few times for business and pleasure.

Today’s run from Port Wakefield started out well in fine conditions, with a well marked verge on a good surface the going was easy with no wind or major hills to test the legs. I rocketed past Dublin making good time, but everything changed about ten kilometers out of Two Wells when the verge suddenly disappeared while the heavens opened up. Riding became more difficult, the road trains and some cars proving a challenge.

At times it was downright dangerous, I concentrated on staying alive. No stopping for happy snaps of the sculptures I saw along the roadside; a giant rat, a flying saucer and cockroach amongst others.

Getting into any big city by bicycle leaves you with few options, unless you know local alternatives. I followed the big path that was parallel with the highway. It then fed me on to the service lane of the highway itself. I was ok with that until around 15 kms from the city centre when the bike path gave out completely. I was left on the highway with no alternative but to mix it with the busy Sunday lunchtime crowd. I got abused by a car load of youths who swerve uncomfortable close to me using their car as a weapon. I don’t think they are mature enough to realise how thin the margin of error between messing about and killing somebody is!

11Most drivers are courteous as I like to think I am, the closer I get to the city centre the better things become. Out came the sun and before I really knew it I was cruising past the Adelaide oval straight up into town.

I booked a room at reasonably priced hotel on the edge of the city where I have stayed previously. After a warm shower, some dry clothes and a cup of tea it’s time for a quick wander about.

Adelaide’s a turning point for me. Having ridden from Adelaide to Melbourne a couple of times previously, taking different routes, I really don’t want to cover the same ground again, so I have decided to box up Mr Surly and get a cheap flight home. I will spend some time with wonderful family Therese, Daisy, Gus and Grace who I miss. I’ll then make a surprise birthday visit to my ailing mother, visit friends and attend my upcoming school reunion. I’m also looking forward to eating some proper food too.

I will then head off again back up north again to where I left off in Mackay: Where it’s warm! Then I’ll ride the 1000 kms from Mackay to Cooktown and beyond!


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  1. Are you cycling to Mackay or flying out of Adelaide? Reason I ask is because I left Adelaide yesterday cycling towards Melbourne via the Barossa and Murray so our paths might cross. Adelaide is great isn’t it. I was there over the weekend too.


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