Resting up in Rocky



imageI checked at the Post Office just in case,but my post isn’t expected until tomorrow. With my key card due to expire in a couple of weeks I will need my replacement. I tookBob off to the bike Doctor, Tuckers Inn cycle shop. Mr Surly went for a look see as well so it’s “shanks pony” for me today.

I crossed the impressive Fitzroy River, walked along Quay Street to view the imposing 19th Century architecture. Earl Grey Tea and raisin toast at the hip cafe came with an egg timer that had been co opted as a tea drawing timer- different!

The palm trees, tropical feel and lush surrounds remind me a little of Malaysia or Singapore. Flowers such as Hibiscus and Bougainvillea are in their element sporting vivid colours, while casuarina trees, wattles and rain trees provide plenty of shade. I was taken with what turned out to be a Captain Cook oleander with is bright yellow tubular flowers and odd crab apple like fruit. Like all oleanders it’s highly poisonous but beautiful.

imageSunny days are good for laying out the solar charger. I managed to recharge my light, iPod , phone and computer!

Walking around, you try and get a feel for a place, music and dancing seem to be a pastime and unsurprisingly I saw two separate establishments claiming to have been awarded “best steak in Australia”. I figure vegetarians keep a low profile. I saw no sign saying “Best falafel in Australia” that’s most likely somewhere else, although there is a Rockhampton Islamic Centre so who knows ?

imageToday was a great day to review my route, which has changed somewhat since I tentatively put one together a few months ago. I’m having a serious look at The Savannah Way which runs across the top of Australia from Cairns to Broome as the nomads might say.

I will see where the road may take me.





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  1. Nick, if you click on my name in the first post, it will take you to my journal on CGOAB. The time we traveled that stretch was middle of May. We heard all sort of bad stories about it from the Grey Nomads.
    Jenny was very nervous about driving the van but after a couple of days on that H’way she was OK and wondered what all this talk was about. What I remember, there was no problems with the road surface.
    As long as you check what happened behind you on the single lane stretches, if you have traffic coming towards you will be OK. The scenery is absolute stunning and it was one of my favorite H’way.


  2. Thanks Werner , that’s Great! I would appreciate any advice or tips you may have, what time of the year did you ride “The Savannah Way ” and what were the conditions like ? Cheers Nick


  3. I found it very enjoyable riding on ” The Savannah Way ” on my trip.


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