Yes we have no bananas

52My formica table is illuminated by a dull yellow light, while on the television a firebrand evangelical American preacher rages against Satan. My tea comes in a paper cup, the toast in a foam box, living the dream isn’t all it seems at 6.15 am on a slow Sunday morning at the Banana Truck Stop. A monkey wood fruit bowl sits atop the counter, apples, pears and oranges are arranged at the sides while a pineapple, rough end up sets off the arrangement, but no bananas!

For my own edification and amusement, I want to ask “Do you have any bananas?” In the hope she will say “We have no Bananas today.” Then I could sing: “Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today!” Perhaps while dancing a little jig to brighten the mood. However she’s a formidable character, my waitress and no morning person by the look of her. I say nothing and regret it most of the day. I did redeem myself a little I guess when I said “I wouldn’t mind a juicy pear to go with that takeaway salad sandwich thanks.

34Home on the range, that’s where I like to be, away from the crowds and noise of TV with the wind at my back, the sun on my face.Today’s oooohh’s and aaaahhs are more an expression of the beauty of the countryside, than the sounds of my exertions. As I roll without too much effort towards Dululu , which sounds like the name of a drag queen, more than a town, past Police Camp Creek, where I didn’t spot one camp policeman.

The Trees. Have I mentioned the trees? There’s estimated to be over a thousand species of Eucalyptus trees. I might be stretching to name a couple of dozen, yet here they are in all their glory, species growing so close together, limbs outstretched embracing one another. The “Irish Rovers” used to sing about 40 shades of green, well they would have to add a few more to the list should they ever travel out this way.

16Dululu is like Moonie a name on the map where crossroads meet. A pub, a sneaky police radar trap, a couple of houses, with the mandatory snarling dog and nothing else, except that is a free camping site, where I will stay before making my run into Rockhampton tomorrow.



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