Food Glorious Food: What’s that in your tuckerbox?

On the road there’s a lot of talks about food. It’s necessary as it fuels our ride, we need to eat to maintain energy and help with recovery, there’s always a sense of anticipation and excitement around eating on the road .

Those cheese scrolls or fruit cake we are carrying become lunch in another 10 kilometres when we find a shady rest stop to brew up with a cup of strong coffee.

In the food pannier is muesli and powdered milk for breakfast, which I usually eat with a piece of fruit. Either a supermarket bought banana or sometimes roadside apples or figs. It’s true, stolen fruit tastes better!

Without a fridge or an oven, we rely on our trusty pocket rocket gas stove. Mostly shopping daily,  haunting the ‘specials’ stand but keeping a little tinned emergency food and dry biscuits just in case. Lunch is often on the roadside; wholemeal wraps with salad, tomato and a dip, usually tsatsiki or hummus .

Dinner is pasta with a tomato sauce or cous cous and frozen Mediterranean vegetables which are washed down with a cup of salty miso soup. Extras are fruit cake, snack bars, bread rolls with cheese and bacon on top and my sweet indulgence Natures Own soft jubes- yum. Occasionally, we share a bowl of hot chips or a cafe meal.

Pretzels, soda water and chocolate round out our diet. No haute cuisine or deconstructed masterpieces, just simple food.

I imagined into existence a mythical cyclists friend. Her name’s Beryl, she’s a plump farmers wife in a green gingham apron who calls out as we pass: “I’ve just put the kettle on and there’s a batch of date scones (or sausage rolls) about to come out of the oven and yesterday’s Lemon meringue pie needs to be eaten. Will you stop and have a slice?”

Of course Beryl hasn’t appeared yet, but I keep a keen eye out for her though, I’m sure she lives just around the next corner.

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