The Life Cycle


Even though it’s only early autumn, I’ve already pruned the fruit trees, composted the veggie garden and cleaned the rainwater tanks. Meanwhile, the chickens have flown the coop with assistance from a member of our local permaculture group , “Just letting you know that the girls have settled in fine.” Well at least they write home!

Our dog Bonnie has taken to tap dancing down the hallway on the newly naked floorboards. Vacating the house for my daughter has meant the hall runner, carpets, furnishings and other assorted “old people stuff” has been stored away.

Amidst the flurry of activity is the delightful task of retiring my bicycles. I took each on a last farewell ride, carving through the landscape out along our favourite routes before being lightly greased, their tyres deflated, turned on their heads and safely deposited in storage as if sleeping beauties awaiting my return.

Now it’s time! I stand in the spare room, our touring bikes are set up and panniers packed. It’s so quiet almost as if we have achieved a state of grace, we are ready.

Categories: Australia 2017, Preparation

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