Wet, Wet, Wet in Victoria BC

IMG_0269Cyclists are optimists by nature. After another night of persistent rain there was a brief lull this morning “Looks like it’s clearing.” I told Therese- I lied the rain set in as we set off.

We took the Lochside Rail Trail along the coast through farmland, bushland and suburbia. Past lakes, regional parks and million dollar homes. The Lochside Trail is well signposted and very scenic while the surface changes from bitumen to gravel to mud. It goes over wooden bridges and alongside roadways. We saw wild flowers. moss covered trees, birds, squirrels and smelt some funny smells… wait that’s me!
Not far outside the capital of BC, Victoria the trail joins the Galloping Goose trail, named after a train. Despite the weather, groups of Sunday Cyclists were out in numbers, all courteous and friendly.
We were soaked to the skin but our feet kept dry. I swear by waterproof socks, Sealskinz, they were a last minute purchase but already worth it! Rolling into Victoria we searched out the Mayflower cafe it was warm and inviting. Good food accompanied by instrumental guitar solos: Norwegian Wood and Classical Gas, amongst others played by an unassuming musician in the corner of the crowded cafe.
Despite the rain we were determined to do a little soggy Sunday afternoon sightseeing, through Thunderbird Park to the Royal BC Museum we took in some indigenous art. We would have liked to have purchased a couple of prints, however, we are conscious that we simply don’t have extra room to load up on souvenirs.
The BC Legislative Building is a massive Victoria Structure that screams colonial power, very impressive. I liked the juxtaposition of the Totem out the front.
Back at camp drying out our gear and ourselves, hoping for clear weather tomorrow  as we head to the San Juan Islands.


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