Ganges to Sidney BC

We heard the raccoons during the evening only occasionally above the heavy rain which pelted down all night. We took our time breaking camp and enjoyed the early morning sunshine .

Saturday morning traffic heading into Ganges was busy so we headed to Fulford Harbor the back way along Beaver Point Road past Stowel lake which was so lush and picturesque. Around every corner each vista seemingly more beautiful than the other.
Oh did I mention the climb? “Lots of hills on Salt Spring” a local had told us, “You’ll soon be warmed up”.
 I find the hills manageable, however the gradient is harsher, lots of short sharp steep climbs have the legs screaming which perhaps explains why I woke up cramping in the night!
While waiting for the Swartz Bay Ferry I spoke to a couple of local islanders “It’s a good life on the islands, if your rich. For the rest of us its tourist prices all year round.”
In Swartz Bay we took the well marked Lochside bike path to the MacDonald State Park Campground which looked impressive surrounded by massive fir trees, unfortunately it was closed for the season with no facilities. We could have camped there at a pinch but cycled on to Sidney instead. After an entertaining discussion with a couple of elderly volunteers from the information centre we left loaded up with maps and directions to the Caravan Park situated a few kms from town on land leased from the local Saanich indigenous people. We are on the Saanich reservation and drumming and chanting started an hour ago. It sounds mournful but we are not sure what it’s about. A flock of wild geese joined in honking as they flew overhead.
We will stay here for a couple of days and explore the Vancouver Island East coast and Victoria the capital of British Columbia .
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  1. Hi guys – it is a nice part of the world there…looks like the adventure has begun well. You look disgustingly healthy already!


  2. Beaver point road … An oldy buy a goody

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