Triabunna to Swansea 51 Kilometers

We slept through last nights rain in Triabunna, waking refreshed and ready for action. Sweet, fresh local water in our bottles, the sun shining above and the wind over my left shoulder provided good cycling conditions.

Yellow tailed black cockatoos glided down from their perches in the tall gums along the ridge line to say hello, purposely flying at eye level between us in a small screeching flock. Masked lapwings, little wattle birds, magpies and Australian ravens joined the morning chorus.

No verge and long weekend holiday traffic made for cautious single file cycling to Pontypool, where we stopped at a roadside garage sale. I was taken with a trio of old Malvern Star bicycles. I imagined a local family may have used them and I thought of them riding out to have picnics or perhaps go fishing. No time to get sentimental, we had bikes of our own to ride.

Further along the coast we pass the old Rocky Hills convict station, a reminder that this idyllic picturesque location once had a far more grim purpose. From the convict built Spiky Bridge, you can look out across Great Oyster Bay to Coles Bay and the Freycinet Peninsula.

Swansea is a pretty seaside village with a reputation for quality seafood, so after setting up camp at the Swansea Backpackers we opt for an early dinner at Oyster Bay Seafoods. All local fish; oysters, scallops, calamari, prawns, trevally and flake. Yum what an indulgence!





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