Rolling into St Helens


No rain today. Instead it was just pleasant riding conditions between the coast and the cliffs from Bicheno to St Helens via Falmouth and Scamander. In Scamander, the guy who ran the local cafe , bookshop and post office agency had a couple of model trains running through his shop. A novelty I wasn’t expecting.

Now I had thought that Bicheno was named after a pirate, however, I was informed at the caravan park that in fact old man Ebenezer Bicheno was a celebrated English naturalist and Baptist Minister. He was a large man and was said that he could fit 3 bags of wheat in his trousers! Why he would want to isn’t explained, but I guess back in those days you made your own fun!

So I have been thinking about my cycling blog. It’s one of thousands of cycling blogs that after a time become a little boring and self indulgent. I mean, each day it’s a story about a guy on a bike. My journey in Tasmania will come to an end soon and I will return to Melbourne where I will resume my working life, no more touring for a while.

Reflecting upon bicycle touring I can say just 2 things:

  1. Make a decision to start cycling
  2. Start cycling, you may begin by riding a local rail trail, doing an overnighter or hop on your bike and set off to travel the world! No experience necessary.

The best thing about cycling is you get to engage with the world in a different way while meeting mostly kind people along the way. If people have bicycle touring questions, the internet is a good place to start. I’m also happy to share the little I have learned.










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  1. And they reckon the burqa is a security risk! Old man ebenezer and his trousers leaves it for dead! Mary 😉

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  2. Hey Nick, your blog may seem self indulgent but I reckon you are allowed to be considering the effort you are putting into those roads travelled. I for one, enjoy reading your blog and following your journey. If fact I am feeling inspired to pump up the tyres on the Malvern Star and go have a look around. Good on ya Nick. Enjoy it while it lasts. Looks like we will all be working ’till we’re old and grey. Happy travels Nick.
    All the best, Maureen.

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    • Cheers Maureen , i certainly feel quite privledged to have the opportunity to cycle throughout OZ , glad you enjoyed the blog , i will keep an eye out for you on that Malvern Star peddeling around the Hood , and im already old & grey,


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