I am on the ferry called The Spirit of Tasmania. The trip is overnight from Port Melbourne to Devonport Tasmania. I’m starting the next leg of my cycling ride around Australia and looking forward to touring the island state.

It’s been a busy week even though I’m on leave it was great to participate in Ride to Work Day. I enjoy that shared sense of purpose evident on group rides, while supporting or encouraging people who can, to ride their bikes to work, rather that drive.

Yesterday I rode the annual Around the Bay in a Day ride, circumnavigating Port Phillip Bay. Its always a challenge with so many variables; the weather, 12,000 other riders of varying abilities, along with the evil anti-cyclist fairies who like to sprinkle the roadway with thumb tacks! Where’s there’s light there’s shadow I guess. I managed to cycle the 220kilometer round trip without incident. In fact over 15 years of doing this ride I have never had a flat tyre!

So after a hiatus of a couple if weeks , visiting mum and organising my daughters 21st birthday party (heaven help me), it’s time to go a touring once more.

I’m looking forward to riding through the varied conditions that Tasmania has to offer.


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  1. I look forward to reading about your ride. I want to cycle Tasmania … I should program it in haha


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