Cowell to Wallaroo

08082014 (7)

Lately, I have been feeling the cold more than I might normally. Perhaps it’s a consequence of getting older. As teenagers mooch about in T shirts, I’m shivering in my base layer, jumper and wind vest.

08082014 (6)Once again, this morning in cold, cold, Cowell, I assumed all manner of positions in the men’s restroom, under the electric hand warmer trying to heat up my extremities. A sympathetic nomad said “It’s bloody cold, you must have been freezing in that tent.”

Not wanting to appear soft, I affect a jaunty hardy air “Warm as toast ” which is a complete lie. I’m sure I almost froze to death!

08082014 (5)Finally, success! A pot of tea and raisin toast at the Cowell Bakery for breakfast. I celebrate with a double serve. It was cheap at $3.50. Warming up, from the café window I watch a flock of homing pigeons do their morning acrobatics. I’m reminded that in his youth my father was a ‘pigeon fancier.’

It’s only a short ride to Lucky Bay and the ferry. I ride a couple more circuits of town, taking in the sights, as well as agriculture, aquaculture and tourism. Cowell is a major producer of jade. I had always associated jade with good luck and Chinese carving, I’m not that interested that I darken the doorstep of the jade display and souvenir shop.

08082014 (3)Peddling off to catch the ferry, I made a rookie mistake, missing the turn off, I quickly turned back, overcompensating, I fell off the bike. Ouch ! No damage, just the odd scratch.

I pass a tree, festooned with footwear. I have seem these themed trees before, sometimes, it’s bras and knickers, shoes, once in the Northern Territory, I saw a tree covered in hats. These impromptu installations created to break the boredom of driving become minor tourist attractions themselves.

08082014 (4)The Aurora V car ferry takes just over 2 hours to navigate the calm seas of the Spenser Gulf. The journey was smooth and uneventful. A few unnamed seabirds but no call to abandon ship. The passengers were a mix of holiday makers and farmers.

Making land at Wallaroo on the Yorke Peninsula, another historic coastal port, I take in the sights before settling down at the oddly named Office Beach Caravan Park.

Tomorrow’s ride is a short 63 kms to Port Wakefield, then all going well I ride into Adelaide on Sunday.

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