Cockelbiddy to Madura


Having had a surprisingly good nights sleep on the gravel out back of the Cockelbiddy Roadhouse, I was up and ready to go under clear skies.

Making my way to the demountable amenities block, I hurried to a cubicle, pausing to nod hello to a nomad shaving, who took my greeting as an invitation for further discussion. Rest room etiquette, as far I as know is that you don’t have conversations with a person in a cubicle. Obviously my new friend took my occasional grunts as agreement.

“Yeah, we are headed back to Coonabarabran, you stay safe now and enjoy your ride. ”

qqqqI enjoyed the riding yesterday. At times the limestone outcrops formed geometrical lines as if they were the foundations of ancient ruins. I saw lots of kangaroos and so many birds I couldn’t identify.

About 35kilometers off the Eyre Highway on a dirt road East of Cockelbiddy is The Eyre Bird Observatory and Research Station, where up to 240 bird species have been identified. Now that’s a trip for another time.

The Nullarbor weather is a complete mystery to me. I get snatches of the forecast, but it seems to have little relationship to the reality of what I experience. Rain in the morning or rain in the afternoon? Take your pick: Clouds, wind and rain move across the plain without hindrance.

The highlight of the day was 2kms west of the Madura Roadhouse, Madura Lookout, with a sweeping view of the Roe Plains was quite inspiring, I asked an obliging Nomad to take my picture.

Madura is my last oasis before the 120km run across the Roe Plain tomorrow. I have taken on extra food and water. I’m uncertain as to what to expect, heat, sun, wind, rain or all of the above!

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  1. After 3 days of no food and water Nick had no choice but to eat Bob. He was cooked over coals with a little salt and garlic. Nikolai I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall – or lizard in the dirt – when you had “a moment” (chucked a hissy-fit) …. keep the great posts coming.


  2. You look good Nick – all in tact….however I notice BOB is not there…..did I miss something???? I remember that you said you nearly got bowled over one day and the back wheel copped it a bit….but this obviously meant that it was damaged badly enough not to work anymore?


  3. You seem to be making good time nick,considering the circumstances.keep safe,eat needs more than raisin bread to stay alive,keep peddling.


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