It drizzled most of the night but I awoke to “the bush alarm clock”- laughing kookaburras and dozens of snails that had slithered underneath my tent fly to mass above my face, perhaps they were attracted by the warmth of my breath , pretty ugly though!

At the Blackwood cafe in Nannup they proudly proclaim “All our food is made fresh with local ingredients and love” this is my kind of place.
Marty , the owner , who was about my age was happy to chat with another touring cyclist. Marty had cycled through Europe and across America, while the cafe was doing great he pined to be out on the road. “You have to check this book out I’m reading, just can’t put it down.” Marty the disappeared into the bowels of the Kitchen to return with a copy of It’s All About the Bike, by author Robert Penn. The story of a guy who travels the world seeking out bicycle component manufactures to build the best bespoke bike possible. Of course I have read it. I own a copy myself even have a couple of those desired components on my Mr Surl: Brooks B17 leather saddle ; Chris King hub. We talked bike stuff until the breakfast crowd demanded Marty’s attention .

Evidently the weather is clearing. There’s water everywhere and when I closed my eyes on the edge of the forest , I could hear running water in rivulets and the trees dripping teardrops. I’m cycling in the midst of the Great Southern Forests of karri and jarrah trees. These are similar conditions to the Otway region of Victoria. Dairy, logging, rain, steep hills and equally steep descents.

All my clothing is damp and musty, I blame the weather but it’s true that middle aged guys tend to be a little damp and musty anyway.

I took my time taking in the environment I was moving through. The smells sights and sounds and occasionally the sun would peak through, full of vitamin B goodness. Such a tonic!

I spotted lots many types of fungi or fungus today, I’m sure some of them are edible too.

Lots of climbing to reach Manjimup. I took the Munda Biddi trail again today but only for a couple of kilometres. It ‘s just way too difficult on my loaded touring bike. Perhaps in late spring or early summer on a mountain bike with good tyres and not by myself .

Roadside stalls sell fruit , nuts and veggies using an honour system, I like that .

Rolling into Manjimup I take a camping spot at The Central Manjimup Caravan Park , let’s hope it stays dry. A guy mowing the lawns asks mockingly “Seen much rain lately young fella?”
“No mate” said I “Heard it was just a rumour. ” ( young fella indeed , makes me laugh )

More forest country tomorrow riding through the Shannon National Park where I will most likely make camp, the weather bureau is predicting fog . It should be interesting .













Categories: Perth to Melbourne 4,000 kilometers 2014, Solo unsupported Australia tours


  1. Thanks guys, its great to read your comments.


  2. Young fella, way to go nick. Must admit having lived in damp, musty clothes out camping, the romance of it wears off mighty fast. Hope you dry out soon and the sun continues to shine.


  3. keep riding young fella.if its any consolation the weather in clydebank is no always seem to attract some interesting people,Im sure there’s something in that raisin toast.


  4. Young Fella!!!


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