Mild in Mandurah

1 Sure, it’s only light rain, I kept thinking to myself, I can’t be just a fair weather cyclist. After a couple of days in Perth, it was time to get going.

Onto the bike path heading to Fremantle, one of my favourite places,  with its vibrate seafront, museums and revitalised warehouse precinct. Freo is a great cycling/walking town. The light showers suddenly became heavy rainfall, then torrential, I pushed on wet, soaked but happy. Cyclists are really quite mad !

5I loved riding the path. At some point the rain did clear and I almost dried out before the downpours began again. On the outskirts of Freo, I killed a little time just wandering around Freo, then took advantage of a gap in the weather to push on to Rockingham.

Rockingham is deceptively large and well spread out. It wasn’t the first time that I became geographically challenged. I arrived at the Ce Sea Caravan Park. I must have looked like a half drowned rat, the owner must have agreed because he claimed they were full and had no room for tents anywhere in their empty and expansive grounds. I started scoping out  a stealth camping opportunity along the beach foreshore but then found Palm Cove Caravan Park. I set up my tent in the dark and rain, next to a native bird aviary. I had no stomach for dinner, deciding instead to feast on an energy bar and keep dry in my tent.


Waking to a glorious blue sky, feeling refreshed, hungry and damp, I thought I know that sound! Pink Galahs- my personal totem in locked cages and I had a bit of a chat with the Galahs. I even toyed with the idea of busting them out, other free Galahs were calling to them.

Were they bred in captivity?

Would they survive if released?

Sometimes people buy live crayfish or mud crabs in Chinatown so they can catch the tram to St.Kilda to let them go. On the walk to the Perfume Pagoda in Vietnam, I saw local kids selling captured squirrels, most likely pets, to pilgrims wanting to build up their good Karma. I reflected on who’s interest would be served should I free the birds and the very nature of Freedom itself. This is what happens when you have time on your hands.

I continued the great Australian raisin toast survey, courtesy of Amphoria Cafe. When does a garnish become a salad? My fruit toast was accompanied by a beautiful mandarine and lettuce garnish/salad. It was sublime.

6Clear skies and fair winds to Mandurah today, a seaside playground where a hot shower came with a sunny patch of grass for the princely sum of $10.00. Walking the well healed foreshore it seemed business is booming even in the depths of winter. Then I meandered through the town centre. I came upon the shop “Crystal Dolphin- food for the soul”, which was up for sale ” to genuine buyers only” I guess the souls of the well healed aren’t so troubled after all.

At Rosie’s cafe for tea, the waitresses were discussing the apparent beauty of a minor TV personality whom I didn’t know: One woman said “He’s hot, I would do him in a heartbeat.” “Me too” said another, oblivious to my presence, until the manager Simone said “I have told you girls a million times stop exaggerating.”

110ks to Bunbury tomorrow, the forecast is for rain, but I reckon it will clear!



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  1. Just a passing shower Nick.


  2. Hey nick, hope the road to bunbury treated you well. Cold and windy over here today. I thought initially, that caravan pk owner who said there was no room at the inn, was going to take pity on your drowned rat appearance and offer you a complimentary cabin for the night. Or even better offer you a bed in his house. I’ve had some amazing, very unexpected and kind offers of accommodation whilst travelling. Even while travelling with the dogs!! Hope your day’s been good.


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