Sunday, a day of rest.

1062014After 14 days straight on the road and with close to 1300 kilometers covered from Melbourne to Moree , I was considering a rest day and after checking the weather forecast which showed storms and a strong North Easterly coming straight towards me, if I was riding the 125 kms to Goondiwindi, tomorrow’s forecast is somewhat better.

So what to do on a slow Sunday in Moree?  I could of course have a free thermal spa, but I’m way to repressed to strip down to my smalls in a communal tub. So after securing my camp and detaching BOB (he got the day off too ), Mr Surly and I went on a short blustery tour of town. I visited the local Sunday market in Jellicoe Park, which was like a Sunday market anywhere, except for the stall selling live Turkeys.

After tea and toast at the town’s hip ,funky cafe with the other Sunday breakfast crowd, I took myself off to the library, which unfortunately is shut on Sundays. Oh well, stocked up on a few supplies at the local supermarket then peddled back to camp before the thunderstorm hit. The only place to go where it’s dry and warm is the laundry. I charge my devices, no solar power today and write another postcard to mum who doesn’t use Facebook.

30052014Seems the Laundry on a wet day is the place to hang out. I had a couple of pleasant conversations with other travelers:

Chris, who has recently retired from the air force and is doing the “lap” around Australia with his wife Doris and their schnauzer Misty.

June and her husband Wally an indigenous couple, originally from Warragul and Portland respectively, but now living in Adelaide, have taken a few weeks off from their jobs working in aged care ,for a camping holiday.

“You’re that mad cycling bugger camped next to us.”

“Yes that would be me, only not today.”

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