I can see Uranus

Evidently the area around Coonabarabran is one of the best places in the world to view Uranus , I even took a photo to prove it.30052014 (4)

30052014 (7)Coonabarabran are holding the North West Equestrian Expo over the coming three days, which would account for the large number of horse floats I saw on the road, along with the increased number of Arkubra hats and girls with ponytails.

It’s obvious in rural Australia, that there’s a growing tension between mining and farming. More farms have NO GAS signs on their fences, maybe a radicalisation of rural Australia.

I don’t know if I have ever been colder than at daybreak today.  I’m sure it was zero.  A hot cup of tea and a veggie pastie warmed me up and then it was 120 ks to Narrabri.

It was a ride of two halves: Initially it was ” lumpy”, rising through the cuttings in great weather conditions. I made good time while enjoying the more forested country of Pillara State Park. At a rest stop an old older couple were taking time out from the road. Herself made her way over and said “Any rain dear?” of course I was tempted to say that while I had seen lots of kangaroos and the odd wallaby, I hadn’t seen any reindeer, given this is Australia not Iceland, but I didn’t.

30052014 (6)I asked if she would take my picture ” My camera is already set to very attractive”  I joked,

“Is it, gee how do you do that?”

“Mine’s automatic” I said

What she really wanted to do was tell me the story that was occupying her mind: ” We came up through West Waylong a couple of days back . There was a fog like you’ve never seen  we couldn’t hardly see where we were going. Later I heard a couple just behind us had come off the road, crashed and been killed!”

She was quite animated, somehow her proximity to the accident had enlivened her or so it seemed , she will be telling that story for sometime.

30052014 (8)The second half of the ride was fairly straight, with no wind to speak of. I barreled along, receiving the occasional toot of approval from the caravan of caravans .

THEY MISSED!!! Around 10 ks out of Narrabri a tooting car slowed. It swerved close and took aim, the plastic bottle of water missed me by a metre or more, my first hoons on this trip!

Narrabri, barking dogs, ute’s, pubs and from what I could see after a quick tour around town at least three Chinese restaurants, all circa 60’s when Chairman Moe sent them out west to raise foreign cash , at least that’s one theory!

30052014 (3)

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  1. Horse floats & Arkubra’s – those 6 years of line-dancing classes would have come in handy Nikolai. But the question we all want answered – Who put the “abarabra” in Coonabarabran ? As Phil Liggett would say “Keep dancing on those pedals” …


  2. That’s not a photo of Ur anus.


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