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So it was easy riding from Finley to Jerilderie today. Light traffic and what there was fell into 2 distinct categories: Massive B Double trucks hauling all manner of things and holidaymakers pulling caravans.

My strategy is keep left and keep visible. I did come across a mob of about 300 mixed beef cattle traveling “the long paddock” grazing the verge. Dogs and drovers keep them mostly in check, however a couple of young steers did panic and bolt quite close to me . I think they were a little unsure who or what I was .

Australia’s most famous bushranger Ned Kelly held up the entire town of Jerilderie in 1879 and robbed the bank and had his manifesto printed here: The famous “Jerilderie letter”.21052014 (2)

The Kelly’s hatred of the police is evident in the Jerilderie Letter. Ned outlines cases of alleged police corruption and calls on corrupt policemen to resign. He calls police officers “a parcel of big ugly fat-necked wombat headed big bellied magpie legged narrow hipped splaw-footed sons of Irish Bailiffs or English landlords”. Sounds about right .

Australian’s seem almost equally divided about the Kelly Gang in those iconic steel helmets and body suits.

21052014 (4)According to many they were either they were killers of police and informers so therefore common criminals who deserved all they got or Australian revolutionaries persecuted by the authorities into a life of crime. Poor Ned hung by the neck until he was dead, game to the end. Ned’s final words were “Such is life” he was only 26.

Jerilderie , trades on the Kelly brand. I sent my mother a Ned Kelly post card. She wasn’t a fan as I recall.

There are lots of Grey Nomads and some even greyer! One told me today to to watch out for trucks.

People are friendly and the rig attracts a bit of interest. I’m getting used to a new rhythm and a slower pace of life- Ride, camp, sleep, no newspapers or television .The little towns will pass soon and then the long days and big distances will kick in.

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  1. I got out of there as quick as I could David


  2. The Age: “Police hunt for Shepparton flasher” …. Gee, you’ve been busy Nikolai ….


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