Seymour to Shepparton



No use complaining about the wind, I guess that’s why I have gears- change down and don’t fight it.

I woke to the sound if laughing kookaburras under overcast skies. Out on the road there’s very little traffic I find a nice cadence while keeping my eyes peeled for points of interest. Lots of creeks and dams with chirping fogs. Birds of all kinds are in profusion. My favourites are pink galahs and they kept me company most of the morning.

It’s only 85 kms to Shepparton  I roll in around lunchtime to clear skies, set up camp at the Victoria Caravan Park. I Shower and do a little washing, then  off to explore the town. I have been here a few times before for work and pleasure .


In the street I notice many newer Australians, Indians, Afghans and Sudanese mostly. At my daughters Daisy’s instance I ask a young Sudanese guy why he’s here and not in the city, work is the answer. Later ,over a cup if tea I’m leafing through the Shepparton news,articles on celebrating  the towns multicultural diversity, while further on news of a raid that netted 19 illegal foreign workers contracted out to work on the local farms .

The celebrated multiculturalism is evidenced by the assortment of cafés and restaurants , thinking of a veggie curry for dinner but may regret my decision on the bike tomorrow , I tend to keep to a fairly plain diet with minimal meat when I’m touring . Rain predicted for tomorrow !!




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  1. Good on ya Nick. Started following you yesterday and wish you happy and safe travels. What an undertaking! I’ll be reading with interest. Enjoy the journey, the ups and downs and the whole bloody experience. (Actually, I’m a bit envious, I’d love to do something like that).
    All the best Nick,
    In solidarity,
    Maureen Leverett


  2. Are we there yet ?


  3. Shepparton rather than Numurka to camp for day 2?


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