A slight setback

Wilson’s Promontory National Park holds a special significance for my Family and I.
It’s our “spiritual home” after many happy years of “Kombi Dreaming” at”The Prom” enjoying camping holidays with family and friends . Wild places have a way of binding us together feeding the soul while creating peace and well being in a way that only Mother Nature can .

As I have done dozens of times before I lug my fishing gear and surf rods with me as I wade out across Tidal River making my way up along the escarpment towards Pillar Point by scurrying across the rocky outcrops , only on this occasion I slip and fall .

My right foot becomes wedged in a crevice twisting my ankle , with a few associated cuts and bruises I managed to collect myself and limp on. It was only whilst fishing off a natural shelf a little further on I noticed the deep gash in my ankle , pity that, as the fish were biting !

Limping back to the beach through the shallows I felt that the sea water could help clean out the wound. Therese, who had been enjoying a relaxing time on the beach surveyed the damage, “looks like it may need stitches” I said. So once again it was a 60km drive to Foster for medical treatment. I say once again because I have “form” having previously been evacuated from the prom to have a fishing hook extracted from my face ! (But that’s another story)

Hobbling about with stitches in my ankle is frustrating , being unable to ride is worse , soldiering on at work the following week when I should have kept off my foot was the wrong decision .

With the ankle swelling up the doctor diagnosed Cellulitis ,which didn’t respond to medication , the upshot saw me hospitalised on an anti bacterial drip to fight off the infection.

So the lessons learned are: rest up when injured and that healing takes time .

While I have had a slight set back in my perpetration for cycling around Australia it’s important to keep it in perspective. How lucky am i to live here in Melbourne where I have easy access to free world class health care ? A simple injury like mine left untreated could lead to serious complications or even death in less fortunate parts of the world.

I expect that I will have an opportunity to ride a little this weekend once the swelling subsides , I sure look forward to getting back on track .

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  1. Your story reminds me of a friend of ours who had some trouble with slippery rocks in the same area. Although he has now passed onto greener pastures I’m sure his spirit did not help you… because all we did was laugh at his struggles. Get well soon.


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