Counting down 10 weeks to go

10 weeks to go before I begin my solo bicycle ride around AustraliaGrand Ridge Road (5)

It’s said that anticipation is half the pleasure and like a teenager waiting for their 18th birthday I can feel the date rapidly approaching .
I really started planning for this ride 5 years ago after completing my cycle ride from Melbourne to Darwin .

At one level it’s quite a simple task really , hop on your bike and peddle , however just to make it to the start line requires considerable planning ,commitment ,and luck ! While along the way a few boxes need to be ticked .

Thankfully I have a sympathetic wife who understands my cycling fetish (tick)
Having been granted 6 months leave from my employer (tick) and with my 3 children grown up and in their 20’s (tick) I can focus on ramping up my riding to build conditioning and a base level of fitness (tick)

If not now when ? If not me who?

Unlike a teenager who has all the time in the world , I hear the clock ticking .

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