Crossing the Murray


It’s warm this morning riding through low undulating  open scrubland skirting the northern edge of Lake Alexandrina through marginal farming country. Past the many drying white rimmed pink salt lakes: Day dreaming; I’m suddenly startled by a black faced wallaby who bounds out of the scrub on my left crossing the road in a single leap before disappearing  into the bush.

I watch the pelicans, herons and ibis wheeling above me on the thermals as the day heats up. Enjoying a road clear of traffic I move silently enough to pass by a feeding flock of Cape Barren Geese grunting like pigs as they do.

At Wellington the ferry operates for free 24/7. Forming an orderly queue: Cars, caravans and occupants await their turn. I glide past to the front of the line with the tacit approval of those assembled. An acknowledgement  perhaps of the more arduous nature of my journey.

Crossing the river, I’m in the big chain ring. Quickly barrelling along the Princess Highway to Meningie on the shore of Lake Albert.

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