Out There!


Cycle touring is rarely a linear pursuit. Getting There is half the fun and often involves taking a convoluted route: Crossing bridges, rivers and mountains and sometimes we need to go backwards to move forward. Eventually though, we always manage to get There.

We meet many other touring cyclists and share stories of the road .
Around the campfire Ricardo the Spanish cyclist was waxing lyrical about his latest cycling adventure. “Man you just have to go there!”
A New Zealand couple who are traveling north said we should have been There in the Spring when the windflowers were in bloom.
An Italian group  warned against attempting the mountains in the winter saying we would be better to go There after the snow clears.
A German woman who had been There before explained she was going back for a second look as she liked being There so much the first time. “Cycling there can be difficult, the road’s not good. However if you do decide to go There you will find a wonderful campsite when you do get There.”

It seems everybody we meet has either been There, wants to go There or knows somebody who lives There.

Despite my best efforts I haven’t been able to find a map or download an app with the directions to get There, however, I’m confident that everyday on the road brings us a step closer to getting There!

Hopefully we will be There before Christmas.

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  1. i once knew a bloke who went that far trying to get there he met himself coming back.

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