Lopez Island

Lopez Island is such a lovely place, few cars and very cycle friendly. I am sorry I will miss the Tour de Lopez held at the end of April, however Therese and I have spent the last couple of days on the island doing our own tour. After passing the time of day with the local Sheriff at Isabel’s coffee shop we headed out of Lopez Village along Fisherman’s Bay Road and past shark reef. We kept an eye out for baby orcas: “They are around abouts, a mother and calf” said the lady in the fudge shop.

Then we went out to mud bay road where we stopped at iceberg point to watch a seal frolic in the shallows while overhead bald eagle’s wheeled on the thermals.

Speaking of thermals, its cold but sunny. The countryside reminds me of Tasmania, its so green and lush, dotted with farms.

We have a great campsite at Odlin County State Park, in the designated Hiker Biker area. Its rudimentary, with pit toilets and no showers. However, we have our own table and fire pit. I fired up my mini stove and cooking pots to knock up a tasty meal and eternal cups of tea.

I saw my first Chipmunk this morning, sniffing around our camp unafraid and looking for scraps. We found a purple orchid, later identified as Fairy Slipper or Calypso orchid, beautiful and delicate, we also saw a patch of Giant White Fawn lilies.

I am getting into a different rhythm now, where the anticipation of boiling water over the fire is exciting, so far the bikes have preformed well, keeping the drive train clean, slight adjustment of the rear derailleurs  etc. Internet is patchy, but we managed to get a little free time in the Lopez County Library today, where staff couldn’t be more helpful.



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