Deloraine to Mole Creek 32 kilometres

The steamy, misty, fog like mist flowed at speed along the rivers surface. It was so cold even the ducks were quiet, cruising noiselessly past like miniature battleships. At 1 degree celsius everything takes longer. We didn’t break camp until after nine. A cold night meant a clear day, warm without any wind. After a lazy breakfast of fruit bread and tea we finally got going along the road to Mole Creek via the Needles and Chudleigh.

Another perfect day for cycling. Rolling picturesque countryside, poll Herefords, belted galloway’s and sheep looked up from their ruminations to acknowledged our presence, sometimes calling out in a language I couldn’t understand but had become used to hearing.

In Chudleigh we stopped at the Honey Shop to sample some of the dozens of varieties available for tasting. We shared a leatherwood honey flavoured ice cream.

The road surface was rough in places with little or no verge so we ride single file Therese in front sets a comfortable pace.

Trowunna Wildlife Park provided another entry into my ever expanding big list of Australian Big Things, this time a giant Tasmania Devil.

Mole Creek itself is a quiet tourist stop nestled at the foot of the Gog Range. The caravan park is 4 kms out of town on the road to Paradise. Setting up camp along the banks of sassafras creek, I enjoy watching the brook trout swim in the shallows. Chatted with other travellers from around Australia and we shared our travelling stories. Life is pretty relaxed here in Tassie, although after a shower and back at my tent I’m unable to find my phone or wallet.

I had brief Friday the 13th inspired panic before said items are located where I left them, in the men’s shower. A timely reminder of just how vulnerable you can be on the road. I need to be a little more careful rather than carefree.

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