Gilgandra Camp

28052014 (1)After an exhausting day yesterday, last night I was treated to a spectacular light and sound show. Dark clouds rolled in, then the wind stopped completely just after dusk, sheet lighting illuminated the sky followed by fork lighting and thunder claps with the associated downpour. My tent stayed dry but some of my gear got very wet.

By way of compensation, a couple of Nomads said “Hey mate aren’t you the bike rider? Looks like you could do with a feed we have a few extra snags if you would like some.” How kind and thoughtful of them and it saved me organising dinner.

After breaking camp this morning, I was on the road early as is my routine. The sun was up early too burning off the overnight mist. Clear skies and fair winds today. The Galahs were back along with a profusion of butterflies, the air was thick with insects, nothing like a downpour and an electrical storm to kick-start life.

28052014 (2)The attack came from behind me in my blind spot, just past the sale yards on the outskirts of Dubbo, a kelpie was zeroing in for the kill. I yelled “HEAL!” And he stopped in his tracks. Luckily he was a well trained drover’s dog.

Pleasant and uneventful riding to Gilgandra today. I did have the rear guard over Bob’s wheel drop a bolt and come loose, so I have had to take it off for repair, along with a slight adjustment to the front derailleur where the chain knocks against the cage, nothing major.

Apparently there is a big State of Origin rugby game on tonight. In Gilgandra, some young indigenous boys purposefully threw the rugby ball in my direction by way of saying hello, “Who ya going for mate?” “The Blues,” I said, to a roar of approval. In a week or so when I’m in Queensland, I’ll be going for the Reds.

28052014 (3)Tonight’s camping space costs $10, not bad seeing I can use the shower, laundry etc. Helen, the Manager said,”A few oldies have been in complaining about the extra fuel they needed to use in yesterday’s wind.”. I thought I spent a few petrol tickets of my own.

With the sun out, my camp becomes a hub of activity. I do my domestics and Mr Surly doubles as a clothes horse. I managed to resupply the tucker box at the local IGA, set up my camp chair and charge my devices, iPad, iPhone, iPod all using my portable solar panel, then I post this blog. I’m noticing two distinct groups of people out here, those that are here by choice and those with nowhere else to go  .

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  1. Nick you better get your Queensland story straight it’s the “maroons” not the reds, although we were red with embarrassment after the first state of origin. Go QLD!


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